Why TrueED

We are a customer loved Quality Management Consulting and Development agency headquartered in Pune, India and development centers in multiple locations across India. We believe in creating a TRULY awesome experience for all our customers. Quality, Information Security and Privacy is the approach we followed when we envisioned the School Management System.

At TrueTec Systems, we thought that Students, Parents as well as School / Institution Management deserves valuable time to greater focus on student education rather than on getting stuck in administrative activities. With this thought in mind, TrueED was developed as an application which will give all stakeholders greater means of communication, transparency and at the same time save everyone'e time.

We also have a legacy of developing tracking and other mobile / web applications. As such, we incorporated GPS based driver / bus tracking system in our application. This brings a lot of peace of mind as school authorities as well as parents can do real time tracking of the location of students after the bus leaves the school. This is in line with the security compliance and School Bus rules and regulations that the government has mandated for all schools across the state and country.

TrueED - Your True Education Partner!

Parents and Students can view timetable, attendance, gallery, notices, exam schedule, portion covered, projects assigned. They can apply for leaves, track bus location - all this in real time. Teachers can take attendance, assign homework, project, worksheets, etc. Principal and admin staff can send messages & announcements. All this is from one single integrated application.

The TrueED application brings everyone together as a family - Principal, teachers, admin staff, parents and most important, students. It brings a sense of belonging to each and everyone. Each application is customized as per institution's requirements. It is BRANDED with school Logo and App Icon. Updates are done Over The Air (OTA) and parents or school does not have to keep reinstalling the app again and again. Our quick response team will also respond to any updates or changes, if and when required.