What is TrueED

TrueED is one of the best School Management Software / Application. It is designed and developed keeping in mind the convenience of School Administration and Convenience of Parents and Guardians. It is a very simple and easy to maintain system with amazing capabilities. Best part is the GPS based Bus Tracking system for student's security. Parents and school administration can track the movements of drivers and buses.

TrueEd uses a very simple and logical Institution Management System. It is cloud based application. It is not operating system or technology dependent. Can be accessed from anywhere with even basic internet connectivity. Android app for parents give real-time and updated information about their children. The entire system can be configured in few days and Go Live time-frame can be as short as few days.

TrueEd helps schools / institutes to maintain central information of all students and academic information. It is extremely user friendly and easy to maintain. Once the system is set, just a few minutes of everyday are required to keep the system updated. It has several modules like - Class Management, User Management, Subject / Chapter management, Bus Tracking, allocations, attendance, time table, holiday list, homework, project assignments, notifications, gallery, exam management, etc.

Features Of TrueED

Board and Medium Module

This module gives you a facility to configure multiple boards and medium of education. Multiple boards for same institute can be added. For example - CBSE, State Board (SSC), ICSE Board, IB Board. Language / medium of education can be configured in English, Marathi, Kannada, Gujarati, Punjabi, etc.

Class Management

You can manage your Class and Division using this module. It is a completely customizable module and can be customized as per your needs. There can be any number of classes (Standards) as well as Divisions in each class. Subject and many other things can be allocated based on class and division.

Time Table Module

This module is your MASTER Time Table management by each class or standard. Each standard Time Table can be added individually. It automatically detects if there is a conflict of subjects while adding the time table. This way it helps in designing the time table for each standard. We can also upload a Time Table excel sheet in one shot to configure the time table for entire school, thus saving lot of time. Also, time table can be changed as per needs and it reflects in the Mobile App directly.

Holiday Module

Using this module, you can pre-decide and upload the holiday list for the entire year. This helps the teachers in planning the portion completion. At the same time, it helps the parents in planning the vacations and holidays in advance. Lot of administration load is reduced. Parents will no longer have to call school to check if school is working or not on a particular date. Any last moment declaration of holidays becomes easy as parents are informed real time of the same.

Attendance Module

Attendance Management is extremely simple. We have built an intelligent system where all the class teacher has to do it mark the absent student and rest all students are marked as Present. This gives a real time status of each student to the school management as well as parents. Monitoring becomes much easier.

User Management Module

TrueED has multiple user levels like Trustee, Admin, Parents, Teachers, etc. As such, you can assign limited rights based on User Levels and can maintain control of data. User can be assigned right based on each module and separately for each user. Parents & Students have access to Mobile Application and separate logins are provided. Students have access to very limited modules.


Notifications appear on Parents and Students Mobile Application. School can publish notices through the admin panel and all the parents and students receive the notification. Notification can be sent to all parents or it can be sent specific to class or specified category. Notifications are displayed accordingly in Mobile App under General Section or Specific Section.

Driver / Bus Tracking

This module is typically for parents who have opted School Bus Service. Driver on each route is provided GPS tracking app and based on that, parents as well as School Admin can do real time tracking of the bus / driver location. Parents do not have to keep guessing or waiting on the bus stop for the bus to arrive. They can do real time tracking and reach bus stop few minutes before the bus arrives, thus saving time. This is also important from the Safety perspective of the children.

Reports Section / Dashboard

Standard and custom reports are available in the system. All standard reports are part of Base package. Custom reports can be made upon request bases on user needs. All the reports are available to download in excel format making it quite friendly. Dashboard gives a holistic view to the management and trustees of the entire institute.

Several More Features

Several more features and sections are part of the integrated app. We can even link it to your existing website or any other custom applications that you may have. It is a completely flexible and scalable application. Institute can choose all of the features or can select only few based on their budgets and requirements. It is a fully developed application and we can Go Live for each institute very quickly.